Including Surgery under G.A in the hospital , night stay and all medical cost.More information,
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My name isJay Williams and I am aqualified Pharmacist andMusician,living in Sussex,England, United Kindom.
Ididhave personal doubts abouthavinganysurgery inThailand,though theoverall fees wererealistic, comparedtothoseintheUK..

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Specialize in Liposuction

Removes deposits of excess fat from your body, face & neck. more >>

Abdomen Surgery

Remove excess abdominal skin more >>
Breast Lift & Reduction Surgery

Reshape, Firm & reposition your breasts
more >>
Nose Surgery

Imporve shape size & General appearance of nose
more >>

Buttock Augmentation

Gluteal implant insertion such as those successfully
more >>
New Service: Penis Enlargement : Hand Surgery

Dr. Bhumsak Saksri M.D.

- Medical Council ( Thailand ) 1986
License no. 13160
- AO Fellow ( maxillofacial surgery ) Albert Ludwig Uniklinik Freiburg , Germany 1993
- Interplast Fellow ( Plastic Surgery ) Stanford University Medical Center Palo Alto , CA. , USA. ,1994

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Good diet and adequate exercise keeps your body functioning and best looking. However, if you feel a further body contour improvement can be made you might consider " The Neo Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery , Thailand Bangkok," more >>


I would totally recommend and encourage anyone who is contemplating buttock or hip implant surgery I now have very shapely and prominant buttocks and hips that they should use your most excellent and rare services that are so badly needed by so many. Read more >>

I also think about what the future holds for me and also what will the rest of my life be like? I hope life is treating you good! And I hope You and Panida have a nice summer!! Huggs always, Read more >>