Aesthetic surgery of the abdomen

                Also called abdominoplasty or tummy tuck aims at firming and smoothing your abdomen.
                This procedure removes excess skin together with fat at the same time tighten the muscles of abdomen wall.
                The result is a flatter abdomen profile

You should consider abdominoplasty if

    1. you have excess or sagging abdomen skin.
    2. Your abdomen muscles weaken or separate.
    3. You have stretch mark either from your pregnancy or obesity.

How do abdominoplasty is performed ?

                Incision will be placed in location concealed by bathing suits or under garments the horizontal “ gull wing like “ incision may extend laterally toward the pelvis bones depending on the amount of removed skin.
                The circumferential incision around the navel may be applied to position the new navel exactly the same site after the redundant skin is pulled down and removed.
                The mini abdominoplasty is one variation designed for lower abdomen laxity alone. This procedure doesn’t require incision around a navel.
                Liposuction usually adjunct abdominoplasty to get rid of the removing fat deposites especially at the stomach area or both ends of the incisions.

Your surgical experience

                The goal of TPSC. entire is to provide you with our surgical experience to lessen certian risks and comfort you as much as possible.
                Smoker, Aspirin and anti-inflammatory user should notify our staff. You should avoid these potential risks at least two weeks prior to your surgical date.
                In general your abdominoplasty is performed in a hospital with inpatient facility basis.
                General anesthesia frequently employ to our patients and several days is common hospitalization.


                Abdominoplasty enhance your body contour. You will feel more comfortable in your clothing. The incision will fade overtime. You should realize that the incision lines may leave visible scar in some instances. At those case, further scar reducing treatment may be neccessasry.