Breast Augmentation or Breast Implant

                Also called augmentation mammaplasty, involves surgical placement of a breast implant to increase its volume and enhance its shape. You may feel more confidence about your appearance.

Considering breast augmentation

                Many women think their breasts may not have developed to a size that meets their expectations. You may not have been happy after your breast loses volume and shape after weight loss or childbirth or aging.
Breast augmentation can enhance your breast size and shape and give you more proportional figure that you want.
Breast augmentation can be performed at any age after fully developed.

Your personal consultation

                You will be asked about your desired breast size and appearance of your breasts and nipple areolar complex.
                 I will examine your breast, searching for the pre-existing
abnormal breast pathology such as lumps, cysts, etc that may be best treated prior to the augmentation.
If your breasts are sagging a breast lift may be recommended in conjunction with the augmentation.
There is no scientific evidence that breast augmentation increases the risk of breast cancer. Placement of the implant underneath the pectoral muscle may interfere less with mamographic examination. I will discuss this with you.

Where are the incision places ?

                Often an incision less than 2 inches is made of the axilliary crease in the armpit where it is usually quite inconspicuous.
Another possible location for the incision is around the areolar or the lower edge of the breast mould.
Once the incision is made I will create a pocket either directly behind the breast tissue or underneath the pectoral muscle to insert the implant.

Understanding risk

                 No major problem is experience with augmentation mamoplasty. However every surgical procedure has risks. The potential complication of surgery is best discussed on a personal basis.
                 You should be aware that pregnancy can alter breast size in an unpredictable way and could affect the long term results of your surgery.
                 There is no evidence that breast implants will affect pregnancy or your ability to breast feed.

How breast augmentation is performed ?

                 Currently woman undergoing breast augmentation receive gel filled or saline filled implants with a silicone shell.
The silicone shell I use mostly are textured (rough) surface to diminish surrounding scar “so called capsule” formation.
However you should consult and discuss all the safe implant types you may choose with me on a personal basis.

Understanding the risk

                 Currently the silicone gel filling has gone through multiple stages of production. It's now cohesive type claiming low leaking potential.
                 The potential complications include blood accumulation around the implant that may need surgically drained, infection, malposition of the implant etc. Change in the nipple or breast sensation may result temporary from breast augmentation. Capsular contracture around the implant can cause discomfort or change in the breast appearance.
                 You will be instructed to massage your breast implants regularly to lessen its possibility.

Your surgical experience

                In some instances I will recommend a baseline mammogram before surgery this will be help to detect any future change in your breast tissue. You should perform self breast examination after augmentation. Basically breast augmentation is performed on an ambulatory basis. However overnight stay at Vibhavadi II hospital is not uncommon.
                The anesthesia choices should be discuss between you and our anesthesiologist. When the surgery is completed, I will wrap your chest with elasticized bandage to immobilize breast implants and collapse the creating

Post operation period

                You may permitted to go home after few recovery hours if you feel comfortable. Bandage and wound dressing should be removed within two days, and you may be instructed to wear a support bra; front hook without push up frame.

After breast augmentation

                You can resume your normal work within few days or a week depended on your job. The results of your breast implants will be long lasting except for implant deflection that might occur for saline filled implant.
You will return to
TPSC. in 7 days post operation for stitches removal. Follow up care may be planned. I encourage you to schedule a routine breast evaluations at the frequency recommended for your age group.