Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

                Mastopexy removes the excess breast skin to raise , reshape and firm your breasts. The nipples are reposition to match with new breasts location. Breast implants may be inserted in conjunction with a breast lift to increase breast volume which may loss due to pregnancy or weight reduction etc..

                You are a strong candidate for breast lift if you have one or more of these followings,

  1. Your breasts loss firmness.
  2. Your breast are pendulous.
  3. Your nipples point downward

                Breast lift surgery usually will not affect your ability to breast -feed since there is still continuation of nipple , milk duct and breast glands.
                Nonetheless you are adviced to tell me if you plan to be pregnant or lose a significant amount of weight , I prefer you should wait until your breast size, shape , and skin elasticity are stabilized first.

How a breast lift is performed ?

                 My favorite technic is " The Inverted T Mastopexy ". The incision consists of three components;

  1. around the nipple incision
  2. vertical incision from the nipple down to inframammary fold ( crease beneath the breast )
  3. horizontal incision at the crease simulating with the curve of breast
                 After I remove the excess breast skin , the breast cone in conjunction with nipple and areola complex ( NAC ) is shifted to the higher position.
The NAC remains attach to the underlying breast tissue to preserve the blood supply, sensation and breast - feed ability.
                 All the incisions are sutured together to close the wound in the inverted T shape. So far I have experienced that the inverted T Mastopexy are able to tighten all dimension of the skin laxity.

How do you prepare for the surgery ?

                 Mastopexy usually are done in the hospital based facility either under general anesthesia or local anesthesia combined with intravenous anesthesia.
                 The operative time is around 3 - 5 hours , and you are more comfortable to stay at least overnight . In some cases small vacuum drain will be placed in your breasts to avoid fluid accumulation.
                 Right after the surgery in the operating room , your breasts will be wrapped around by elastic bandage and layers of gauze for two days. Surgical drain will be removed in few days after the surgery.
                 I always instruct all the patients to wear supportive bra for few weeks until the discoloration and swelling subsides. Generally stitches will be removing in stages between 7 -10 days.

When will you resume to your activity ?

                 You are able to return to work within a week or so. Mild exercise is resumed in few weeks as well as sexual activity.