Buttock Augmentation   or Buttock Implant  - Testimonial letters

                Up to now SRS has significantly evolved during the last decade in technical refinement aspects. Formerly the mainstay of the neovaginal reconstructive procedure is trying by all means to create the deepest vaginal canal . Sensation and external appearance are less surgically oriented. Presently we do reconstruct clitoris and its apparatus from sensate penile glandular flap , the labia minora, the urethral opening etc. to silhouette the true female external genitalia.
FFS ( facial feminizing surgery ) silmultaneously runs in the same track to reach the ultimate female face.

                However buttock and hip enlargement are somewhat in the dilemma. Some gender dysphasia's search for all kind of injections , fat graft of such a large volume cannot resist rapid resorption. Liquid injected silicone (LIS ) is FDA. prohibited in our country.The implant is originally designed to be put in the buttock cheek to enhance the buttock dimension. In the patients who need lateralization of implant to enhance the hip width, I basically will dissect the pocket lateralwise a little bit not to disrupt the gluteus border , therefore a little hip augmentation is achieved

               As far as I am concerned, the ultimate solution for buttock and hip enlargement is
Gluteal implant insertion such as those successfully done for the breasts.The current technique I use at TPSC is placement of the silicone prosthesis in the deep pocket of Glutei Muscles . Thanks to the uncomplicated anatomy of this area, there are no major blood vessles or motor nerve except the large sciatic nerve which is out of vicinity of the operative area. This procedure, thereby, yields extremely low complication rates. Intramuscular prosthesis alleviates the capsular contracture and malposition of implants which are often experienced by earlier subcutaneous ones.

Gluteal implant
Silicone-gel filled smooth & textured surface
round, anatomical shape

                The "GLUTEUS" implants are permanent prostheses available in two different shapes and in an extensive range of volume. These implants incorporate a low permeability barrier layer within the shell structure to suppress gel bleeding. The silicone-gel is cohesive enough so that its feel like real muscle tissue and does not migrate in the case of an implant's rupture.

              I personally prefer to use smooth wall round implant since it offers me low risk of seroma complication. The scar is unsightly either in the midline gluteus crease or bilateral curvelinear at the inner side of buttock cheek. We can assure you the naturally soft consistency. The only drawback is that your buttock must stay clear for intramuscular injection.

On frequent occasion, i combine liposculpture and Lipo Filling simultaneously with buttock implantation to fulfill the buttock beauty especially on the lateral boundary.

The complication

Seroma and wound dehiscence are two leading complication. Currently I personally change to smooth wall buttock implant, surprisingly the seroma incidence decreases and by using two curvilinear incisions instead of one midline incision the tension on wound is remarkedly relieved so I have found the wound complication is low as well.

Do and donít† for buttock augmentation by bhumsak Saksri M.D

  1. No need for fressing change in 18 hours except for fecal contamination
  2. Lying on the stomach for one week
  3. Weeks in the hospital menu
  4. Vacuum drain and foley catcheter will be dwelled for 48 hours.
  5. Standing is alright but walking should be under limit.
  6. Seroma is not uncommon be patient , if little amount open and drain will solve it.
  7. Continue pressure wear for three weeks
  8. wound or implant infection can happen because this area of the body is not perfectly clean even scrubbed. Regard to minor wound infection open and drain with antibiotics is fine but in the serious case removal of implant may be unavoidable.
  9. Post operate pain is more frequent comparing with breast augmentation. Morphine injection helps a lot for the frist† two days. We will switch to home with strong pain killer.