Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

                Blepharoplasty removes the excess fat, drooping upper eyelid skins or lower eyelid skin wrinkles those can make you look tired or sad. For the upper blepharoplasty, the double eyelid folds creation in orientals achieves high aesthetic acceptance.
                 The result is a brighter, more alert and rested appearance. You are a good candidate for aesthetic eyelid surgery if you consist of one of these followings

  1. oriental (Chinese) eyelid (no upper eyelid fold)
  2. have excess skin obscuring the natural upper eyelids fold
  3. have puffy appearance of upper eyelids
  4. have lower eyelid fat bags

                Aesthetic eyelid surgery either upper or lower according to its indication usually corrects these problems. However, temporal lift or adjunct crow's feet corrective procedure may be accompanied in some particular cases.

How aesthetic eyelid surgery is performed ?

                For upper eyelid surgery, generally an incision is placed 6-8 mm. above eyelashes. Through this incision, excess skin and fatty tissue are removed. Because this incision follows the natural contour of the upper eyelid, and the upper eyelid skin fold may cover the healed incision, therefore the scar is nearly unnoticeable.

                For lower eyelid surgery, the incision is placed 1-2 mm. below lower eyelash row.
                Through these incisions excess skin, muscle, and fat are removed. Tightening eyelid sling may be necessary to correct over lower eyelid laxity. As the upper eyelid surgery the incisions are hided by natural crease.
                 In younger patient I may remove the excess fat through the inside lower eyelid incision to avoid external scar since the lower eyelid skin need no removal. We call this technic "tranconjunctival lower blephaloplasty" (TCB)

Your post operative recovery

                I will sooth your eyelid wounds by applying ointment and put on special eyelid dressing pads to absorb some blood.

                Your eyelids will swell with little bruising for few days which is quite normal aftermath of all eyelid procedures.
                You are instructed to undress the eyelid wounds, cleanse them with normal saline solution, paste Terramycin ointment all over the wound and let them dry by air.
Cold compression during the first 48 hours post operation is highly recommended to minimize the swelling.

                Aesthetic eyelid surgery is mainly performed in a freestanding ambulatory facility or office based surgical suite. Hospitalizations might be preferred for some individuals.

                You can resume to normal activities right away after postoperative 48 hours, with sun glasses. However activities those strain the eyelids should be postponed for one week.
                Slightly blurry vision is expected due to the ointment.
                 I advice you to return to
TPSC. in 4-6 days post operation for all the stitches taken out.