Non operative facial rejuvenation

                For whoever do not want to undergo facelift operation. They might consider nonoperative facial rejuvenation technic as their alternatives to rejuvenille their face. This technic compose of wide range of non operative procedures such as
  1. Chemical peeling: AHA etc.
  2. BOTOX injection.
  3. Filler material injection for line correction or soft tissue augmentation.

                To enhance the youthful appearance of your face might need more than one technic such as combination of BOTOX and filler substance injection to yield perfect outcome. Chemical peeling mostly done in our center by Alpha Hydroxy acid (AHA).

Chemical Peeling

                You are a good candidate for chemical peeling if you have one or more of the following conditions.

  • wrinkled or sundamaged skin.
  • vertical wrinkle around your mouth.
  • fine wrinkle of your upper eyelids.
  • brown spots or blotchy plain coloring.
  • acne or chicken pox scar.
                  High concentration AHA will remove layer of your skin, as the healing process progress. A new healthier looking skin emerges. You must realize that peeling of your abnormal skin once a week schedule plastic surgeon at our center must be strictly followed for 6 weeks in order to achieve intended result.

  BOTOX Injection

If you have wrinkles on your face weather they are around your eyes , mouths or foreheads and those seem to appear or exaggerate by your facial expressions ;smiling , laughing , surprised etc.. then you should consider this technic . In other word the so called " active or dynamic " wrinkle serve the absolute criteria for BOTOX injection . With regards to botox ready to use on the shelf , all the surgeons have to do is just reconstitute both ingredients and inject.

     The product receives medical safeness validation . Facial Botox injection is the most popular cosmetic plastic surgical procedures in the last two year survey in United States . Your Surgical Experience. Your area of treatment will be preinjection mapped,the injection of Botox can be performed without any anesthesia needed , however topical cool anasthetic drug , EMLA cream may help in some individual upon your request       
    The recovery period is out of concern since the injection in nontraumatized technic to your delicate facial structure . Your daily activities can be resumed right away , swelling may be scarely apparent in some individuals but it is sure to resolve for few days. The onset of paralyzing effect of Botox usually start 2-3 days post injection , however the full wrinkle free effect commonly rise up by the end of first week.
    Botulinum toxin and filler injection are currently climbing up to set the place in the first row of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation .One reason is that they both share common feature of short recuperative time without down time not like laser or other resurfacing procedures.
Moreover the result of both technic
is quite dramatic. There are more advance indications of Botulinum toxin type A ( at TPSC we use Botox) injection apart from facial wrinkles ( forehead worry lines, crow ' s feet ,Glabellar frown lines, etc). Chemical browlift, Platysmal bands, Massecteric hypertrophy( square face) , horizontal neck lines and calf contouring etc. are now advance indications for Botox injection.

  Soft Tissue Augmentation by Filler Material

                There are many more substance available now for soft tissue augmentation.
                 I have my own idea that nothing fulfills all expectations but if we choose autologous substance (your own tissue; fat) there is no risk of allergy or reaction. However you must have preceeding surgical procedures to prepare your transplant fat.
                 If you consider synthetic material to correct your line, depression or soft tissue deficiency such as
  • nose-lip line
  • crow feet line
  • glabellar frown line
  • naso-orbital depression (nasojugal fold)
  • thin vermilion of lip (red lip)
  • laugh line
  • etc

                We always choose the product on medical safety basis at TPSC .

So far we have been using Restylane , Perlane with highly satisfactory
results .

    Painless, easy to inject and inexpensive for the last. If you are a good candidate for this kind of facial injection please call me directly for more informations.