Female To Male Sex Reassignment Surgery

  • Unwanted penis and breasts ? No secrets We have the FTM sexual reassignment surgery remedies.

    Firstly if you are confident to enroll in the treatment program, be sure you have psychologist and endocrinologist documents ready to submit to us. We will proceed only with these two crucial decisions. FTM SRS may requires a commitment of your time more than MTF SRS due to its multistaged operation to complete transformation from your dysphoric gender.

  • Today's FTM trangenders are embracing the full range available to them including treatments to remove their wombs and ovaries, mastectomies and sensate and functional penile reconstructions
    The surgery in my establishment currently composes of two main stages , done in the appropriate interval .

    Stage 1. Subcutaneous Mastectomy , hysterectomy with oophorectomy
    This first stage is to remove the breasts , concurrent with the womb and ovaries.

Stage 2. Penile reconstruction by sensate radial forearm free flap transfer.This second stage is the flagship of FTM SRS performed with our microsurgical teamwork. The aesthetic outcome of the reconstructed penis is superb with hairless forearm skin and sensory on light touch is satisfied. We have near zero percent of flap loss after this microsurgery ,however leakage of the urethral anastomosis sometimes needs minor surgical correction,whilst this risk is thankfully minimal,but it occurs from time to time.


Stage 3. Testicle implant with or without tissue expansion

Testostorone hormone regimen by our endocrinologist collegue will help you to maintain your masculine features and will be discussed after the first stage surgery.FTM Sex reassignment surgery is a lifetime investment ,therefore realistically ,in depth, confidential consultation is prerequisite.