TPSC - Thailand Plastic Surgery Photo Gallery

Due to Thai Medical Bill on Advertisement . We Can not Provide Pictures of pre operative . So you can see only post operative photos only.
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We have a Testimonials Pictures as fllows:
FTM SRS, MTF SRS, Buttock implant , Augmentation Mammaplasty , Mastopexy, Necklift , Liposuction, Fat Injection (chin) , Fat Injection (c heeks),Double Eyelid Surgery , Dimple Creation, Augmentation Rhinoplasty , Rhinoplasty and Chin implant, Saddle bag Liposuction

Thailand Plastic Surgery (post-op 1 Month)

Arm Lift

Botox Injection

Breast Implant 1

Breast Implant 2

Breast Implant 3

Breast Implant 7

Breast lift 2

Breast lift 4

Breast lmplant 8

Buttock Implant 1

Buttock Implant 2

Chin Injection

Dimple Creation

Dobble Eyelid

Face Lift 1

Face Lift 2

Face Lift 3

Face Lift 4

Face Lift 5

Face Lift 6

Fat Injection Cheek

Fat Injection Chin

Lip Injection 1

Lip Injection 2

Liposuction(Abdomen) 2

Liposuction (Saddle bag)

Liposuction 1

Liposuction 3

Liposuction 4

Liposuction Arm

Mouth Injection

Nose Augmentation 1

Nose Augmentation 2

Nose Augmentation 3

Sex Reassignment


labial Reconstruction