Liposuction in Thailand

                Not only fat volume reduction but also contour sculpturling is a paramount of liposuction. At TPSC
we call Liposculpture . It is merging of the state of the art and
science technology.
                Liposculpture removes the deposits of excess fat from specific area of your body which may sometime be inherited trait and typically do not respond to dieting or exercise.

               Liposculpture ( Liposuction ) is often the only way to eliminate them. Liposculpture obtains the best result in the face, neck, abdomen, hip, and thigh area.

You are a good candidate for liposuction if you have or are

  1. general relatively normal weight.
  2. Localized fat deposits
  3. Diet and exercise resistant
  4. Good skin elasticity

                Liposuction should not be considered a substitute for overall weight loss nor is it an effective treatment for cellulite (There is no miracle cure for cellulite). However superficial liposculpture technic with small cannula does somehow reduce the appearance of cellulite.
                 TPSC staff will refer you to further post operation adjunctive treatment such as Endermologie to improve this problem.

Your surgical experience

                Your liposuction can be performance in the office based surgical suite with the aid of preoperative oral medications and local anesthesia. However for higher extent of liposculpture some type of anesthesia are required at Piyavate Hospital but mostly freestanding ambulating facility is applicable.

How liposuction is performed ?

Before surgery

                You will be asked to fill in the checklist form to survey the preoperation possible risk history such as underlying medical background, smoking history, aspirin user, etc.
                Prior to the liposuction surgeon will install the special blend solution compose of litre of one normal saline,
25 - 40 cc. of 2% Xylocaine with 1:1000 adrenaline into the fat area with the assistance of mechanical fluid pump and specialized design sprinkle like infuser. Thanks to this so call wet technic or tumescent technic it is attributed to increase the fat compartment pressure, loosen fat cell connection, ease for pretunnelling. Moreover the filled in chilling tempareture of the solution give rise to reduction of intraoperative bleeding and analysis.

Operation technic

                I will aspirate the fat in different layer by the various size and hole configuration design cannula which is connected to the vacuum generating machine.
TPSC., we use the machine The Aspirator III, Hercules from Well Johnson CO.LTD. Tucson Arizona which we are satisfied with its rapid vacuum power and considerable flow rate with the expense of low noise.
                The cannula diameter range from 3.0 mm. to
4.6 mm.

The surgical incision ( port of cannula entry )

                Less than 5 mm. stabbing incision by the surgical blade is well placed in the unsightly location, vicinity to the treated area. Usually it heals well without leaving noticeable scar.

Post operation recovery time for Liposuction

                When surgery is completed, a compressive dressing such as elasticized bandage, special designed garment will be placed over the treated area to minimized post operative swelling and guide you through the desirable body contour.
                You should at least kept wearing this garment continuously during the first 48 hours and I insist you to remove it for showering or taking bath after several day post operation.
                 I instruct you to wear this garment for few weeks post operation to guarantee lovely sculpture.
                 You may experience swelling, bruising which is to be expected but our wet technic remarkably reduce them. Swelling usually begin to subside a week or so following surgery. There may also be numbness in some area and may take several weeks for the feeling to return.
                 You should return to the
TPSC. for all stitches removal in 7 days and you can resume your normal activity in several weeks.

Result of liposculpture ( Liposuction)

                The healing process of liposculpture is gradual so the appearance of your new slimmer contour presumingly are enjoyed after a while.
                The result of liposculpture is permanent as long as you maintain your post operation weight. Even if you may gain a few kilos, you should not notice uneven distribution of fat accumulation in the past problematic area.
                Once you determine that having liposuction is something you would like to do for yourself. Then you should proceed to consult with Dr.Bhumsak plastic surgeon who is the foremost doctor with extensive training in surgical technic. In order to help you achieving the personal benefit of this liposuction technic.