Aesthetic Surgery of the Nose - Rhinoplasty

                 Also called Rhinoplasty, can improve the shape, size and general appearance of your nose. The goal is a nose that looks natural and achieve a harmonious balance with other facial structures.
                 The Augmentation Rhinoplasty to raise the height of your nose is the most popular aesthetic surgery of the oriental nose.
                 Other alterations of nose consists of reduction of the size or width
(Nose Reduction) , narrowing the nostrils changing the angle between the nose and the upper lip or reshaping the tip.

You are the good candidate for Rhinoplasty

                 if you are one of these followings,

  1. age above 15 years
  2. unsatisfied with your nasal proportion in some dimension related to other facial structures
  3. a bump on your nasal bridge
  4. nasal tip droop or plunge
  5. your nostrils are excessively flared
  6. your nose is off-centered or crooked
  7. there is no certain breathing problem related to the internal nasal structure
Your surgical experience

  The aesthetic surgery of the nose can usually be performed at the
PSC. Under the local anesthesia and same day basis, nonetheless some complicated procedure must be done at the hospital under general anesthesia .                 You should wash your face, shampoo your hair thoroughly before arriving at the TPSC. Sometimes sedate you with oral sedative and some pain killer medications at least 30 minutes before the operation. The 2 % lidocaine with 1 :1000 adrenaline is infiltrated at the nasal region.
                 After the surgery cold pack is highly recommended to reduce swelling. You shall return to the office for cutting out the external nasal stitches 5 -6 days post op. But the internal one will resorb automatically at the time between 4 -6
weeks post op.

How the surgery is performed ?

                  For augmentation case, the medical graded silicone elastomer is customized carving to suit each individual nose from the block. This is the process that requires the state of the art and science technology.
                   After your nose numbs I will make a 1 cm. long rim incision ( hide underneath the nasal roof ) and create midline straight pocket towards the nose and forehead junction. Finally the prefabricated nasal silicone prosthesis is inserted in your nose and the wound is closed.
                   At this moment, There are many available nasal prosthesis available apart from your own bone or silicone rubber in Thai market. If you need some informations about them, please contact me personally.

Understanding the risk

Every surgical procedure has its own risk. The subject of risks and potential complications are best discussed on a personal basis. Some of them are bleeding, infection, implant malposition etc..
                  Occasionally some additional surgery may be necessary. Minor swelling frequently affect the nasal surgery, it will dissolve by no mean about 4 -7 day after surgery.

Comprehensive Rhinoplasty

We also provide extravaganza of the rhinoplasty surgery such as

  • Tipplasty ( reduce the boxy ,broad tip ) ... 1,000 - 1,500 usd.
  • Alar base reduction  ( reduce the nostril size ).... 500 usd.
  • Hump removal ( both bony or cartilage part ) .....800 - 3,000 usd.
  • Nasal shorthening or opening  the nose - lip angle ( by trimming out the caudal septal catlilage  ) .... 800 usd.
  • Posttraumatic crooked nose correction ... 3,500 usd. with 1 night admission
  • Septoplasty or submucosal septal resection( to straigthen the septum and also relieving the airway blockage ) 800 - 2,000 usd.
  • Incompetent internal nasal valve correction by spreader graft all kinds of nasal cartilage grafts ... 800 usd.