Penile Enhancement Surgery (Penis Enlargement Thailand)


Done by Tissue Engineering technic
Normal Penis
Flaccid Length: 9-12 cms
Length: circumference vatio 1.3 : 1

How the penis enlargement is performed?

  1. Ligamentolysis release the pubic attachment of suspensory ligament at penile root
  2. Tunical Attenuation partial cut in serials at tunica albugenia covering erectile tissue
  3. Cuff penis with plasma soaked PLGA SCAFFOLD
Tunical Attenuation
Post op with circumcision scar

Where is my (penis) incision?

Only at circumcision site leaving almost unseen scar. Post op penis care is not really complicated just wear the condom hanging the penis down by 200 gm weight and twice a day applying vacuum pump for 4-6 weeks after surgery.Dr. Bhumsak guarantees around extra 1 inch in length and girth.