MTF Sex Reassignment Surgery   
consulting plastic surgeon
Ass. Prof. Sirachai Jindarak M.D. ( King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital )

My current neo vaginal reconstruction technique is "Penile skin inversion vaginoplasty" with some in details modifications to make the neovagina and all female external genitalia features aesthetically pleasing, sensational and functional satisfaction.

  • Reconstruction of the sensate clitoris is done by using the neurovascular glans penis flap. The clitoral hood and column were also fabricated simultaneously.

  • Thank to the redundant scrotal skin ,The new labia majors and minors are rarely inadequate.
  • The neovagina depth of 5-6 inches is commonly achieved , the scrotal skin graft may be inevitably applied to gain extra depth in such a surprisingly penile skin shortage.
  • Breast augmentation and Adam apple chondroplasty can be combined in the same setting.

                 If you are confident to be a strong candidate to the SRS surgery, please submit all the followings to me.

  1. Formal documentation with regards to SRS from psychotherapist , Endocrinologist
  2. Sexual transmitted disease screening blood test ; anti HIV antibody , hepatitis etc.
  3. Stop taking hormones 14 days prior to surgery